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Do you have lots of dusty photo albums with pages full of old photos? Thanks to the many free photo-sharing Web sites currently available, those are a thing of the past. Instead of carrying your photos around when you want to share them, you can now easily share them from your computer. Now it only takes a few minutes to upload a batch of digital photos and e-mail friends and family who might want to see them. For a price and a little extra effort, you can print out those same digital pictures on quality photo stock for permanent keepsakes, or get photo-sharing sites to mail them to you. Photo-sharing sites offer many features, and there are several of them on the Web. Most are free but offer additional storage space, bandwidth and/or other features for a price. We'll use Flickr as an example because it's one of the most popular photo-sharing Web sites, but there are many other great sites on the Internet that offer similar features. The most basic feature is the ability to upload your digital photos to the Web, organize them and allow other people to see them. The first step is uploading. The upload page of most sharing sites will have a box with a "Browse" button. Clicking on "Browse" allows you to find the files on your hard drive. Usually, there are several boxes on the page, so you can find multiple photos and upload them all at once. It may take several minutes for the upload to finish, depending on how many photos you've chosen and how large the files are. Some photo-sharing sites have programs that you can download to your desktop and use to upload photos to the site.

At this point, some sites will automatically resize your photos. Usually the photo size is reduced to keep the site's bandwidth and storage space use minimized. Keeping photos at the original size may be an option for paying members. One of unique and popular website "Mobicards" is available to photo sharing and social networking.

If you take a photo on your mobile phone then Mobicards is for you. This is an advanced mobile media sharing and social networking platform for mobile phone users. You can upload, edit, transform, share, distribute, archive, group, edit, enhance, print, play and do many more things with your photos. You can keep your photos private, or make them public. The choice is yours. All you need to start is to create your account here and download MobiPixie mobile app! MobiPixie is all about mobile pictures. Mobicards is the first and only advanced service platform that lets you send out high-quality, customized, color postcards (greetings) from your very own mobile phone to anyone anywhere in the world! Snap a picture, modify it if you like, using built in customization tools, compose an associated message ,and send it to as many postal or electronic recipients as you like. That's it! You can even store your postcards on your phone or on the website for even further customization, modification and sending at a later date.


Mobicards Mobile Apps

An Introduction of Mobicards: a photo Media sharing & social networking platform for mobile users

MobiPixie is a revolutionary new generation of Social Media Platform based around photos. It is the Best & the Most Useful mobile application of its kind.


Mobicards is an advanced mobile media (photo) sharing & social networking platform for mobile phone users. It is about celebrating & sharing your life's memories captured as photos with people you love & care - with Full Privacy Control!

Mobicards Tab Apps

Mobicards tab application


You can upload, edit, transform, share, distribute, archive, group, edit, enhance, print, play & do many more things with your photos. You can keep your photos private, or make them public for all. You can tag them, title them & categorize them in any way you like making easy to search & browse by categories.So, no time wasted in finding what you want!

All you need to start using Mobicards is download this Android mobile app!.


Mobicards Login apps

Mobicards Login apps

In addition to comprehensive on-line social media sharing features, Mobicards offers a unique service that lets a consumer use photos on his or her cell phone or use photos from Public Galleries & then send high-quality, custom, personalized color Mobi cards from his or her very own mobile phone.No more trips to post office, or queuing up at the post office to buy stamps.No more missing of that special day of someone you care.A user can send custom card electronically too,if he or she chooses so.

Why send generic cards when you can send personalized custom cards at a much lower cost?


Mobicards Collage maker

Mobicards Collage maker

Mobicards enables users to take a picture,modify it using  built in customization tools,compose an associated message for the receiver, & send it to as many postal or email recipients as a user likes.Full online history of the cards along with receiver's name, address & card status is maintained in the system.


Mobicards Apps

Mobicards Apps

Collage maker is all about mobile pictures.Mobicards is very easy to use.Snap a picture, modify it if you like, using tools built in customization tools, compose an associated message & send it to as many postal or electronic recipients as you like(we print them for you). Send it to anyone anywhere in the World. That's it!

You can store your E cards on your phone or on the mobicards website for further customization, modification & sending at a later date. So, what are you waiting for? Join us NOW!


supports all kind of Mobile Features that lets you manage your photos & use them to share your joy!

  • Share Your Photos With Friends & Family Groups & Keep them Private in Your Own Photo Gallery (My Mobicards Gallery)
  • Share your Photos with the world (Public Gallery) Full Control on Photo Sharing, You Decide if You Want to Keep Photo Private or Public
  • User Defined Unlimited Private & Public Photo Groups Support For Organizing Your Photos
  • Add Title, Tags & Categories for Easy Searching of Your Photos
  • Ability To Invite Friends & Share Photo Groups with Them in A Private or Public Mode
  • Ability to Create Custom & Personalized Greeting & Invitation Cards & Send Them Instantly Using.
  • Full Support for Sending Custom Printed Card (P-cards) & Electronic Cards (E-cards). Save Time & Money.
  • Advance Online Card Design Tool Accessible From Mobicards.net For Custom Design with Full Text & Image Editing Including Image & Text Rotation, Font Size & Color selection.
  • Pre-Created Custom Messages For All Occasions. Easy to Use.
  • Advanced Photo Editing Tool with Color Enhancements, Photo Cropping, Exposure Fixing etc.
  • Ability To Use Calendar Feature For Reminding Birthdays, Anniversaries & Other Special Occasions. Never forget an important day ever again. ? Full History of Card Sent in the System with Full information of Recipient.
  • Social Media Sharing on Facebook & Twitter of all the Cards & Photos.etc..

More details for Photo Editor can be found at http://mobibicards.net/

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Mobicards - Free Collage Maker And Photo   Editor

You have edit personal and make Collage by mobicards collage maker and photo editor you have change and sharing photo in facebook profile. We have provided free and fix package rank photo Collage maker software with our team help services our 24 hour. mobicards is a photo editor, collage maker software program and ecard photo sharing Greeting Cards image hosting.

 photo editor

mobicards photo maker

1. High quality big Images: - Now using  Mobicards - http://www.mobicards.net  tool, you can upload photo, create e-Card, Photo Collage, and share and send in big sizes and high quality with your loved ones.

2. Photo collage: - Now you can create collages using thousands of free photo collage templates.

3. e-Card Templates: - We had added eye catching e-card templates, in which you can add own and your loved ones pictures and greeting messages.

4. Transformation Tool: - Now user can transform images, clip Arts, Text using our transformation tool, as per their wish and create exciting cards.

5. Share: - Now user can share your e-Cards, Photo Collages directly using Mobicards, facebook, twitter or send a personalize photo/greeting card mail.

6. Clip Arts: - We had added thousands of clip Arts, using these you can decorate your cards, images and show your creativity to your loved ones by sending/sharing e-Cards/Photo Collage.

7. New User Interface: - We had updated our user interface with wow effect, as per usability. now you can create e-Cards/Photo Collages in a few seconds.

8. Add Border: - Now you can place creative borders in your Photo, e-Cards/Photo Collage by selecting from the thousands of Borders templates.

9. Add Background: - Now you can add backgrounds in your photo collages, by selecting from the thousands of Background templates.

10. Personalized user Profile page: - Now every user has personalized page, where user can see his/her public, private, favourite and GroupWise photo, e-Cards, Photo Collage etc.

11. Like and Comments: - Now you and your loved one like and comment on your Photo, Photo Collage, e-Cards etc.

12. Easy Login: - Now you can also login using your facebook and twitter accounts etc.

13. Loading Picture from social media and Mobicards Gallery: - Now you can load your pictures from social media (facebook, twitter) and MobiPixie Gallery in the collages and e-cards just in few clicks and create personalized e-card/collage.

14. Live web cam snap shot card: - Now you can take picture using your webcam and create personalized cards/e-cards easily.

Photo Collage Maker | Photo   Sharing

Photo collage maker - is an amazing advanced photo sharing web based and mobile Application services. You have photos layout change mobicards Photo editor. Photo Editor- you can enhance your photo collage maker, apply effects picture frames, photo frame, add E cards, greeting cards. Photo Editor is a amazing photo editor tools to edit our photos in a quick and easy way photo sharing. We believe it is the best photo editor app for personalized photo greeting cards, e cards and media sharing. Some feature currently may be available only through Web or non-iPhone Mobile apps. By photo collage maker you make greeting cards for Birthday, Thinking of You, Congratulations, Sorry, Friendship, Graduate, Wedding, Anniversary, Invitation, Valentine's Day, Christmas cards, Halloween, Father's day, Independence day or New Year cards! Congratulate your loved ones, family and friends.

Photo sharing mobicards


Use photo collage maker easy and handy application.

Here are some of the amazing features:

• Awesome frames

• Over 100+ Digital Photo Frames

• Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos

• Add Unique Frames, photo sharing

• Get creative with stunning stickers and frames

• Share photos to Google plus, Twitter or Facebook

• Draw attention to the subject of your photo with Focus

Group Share Enhance and Socialize with Mobicards Collage maker sharing app connecting to a cloud based photo sharing, social media networking and Photo Design e cards. It lets you share your photos with full privacy and Group membership control. Make use of mobicards.com advanced features for online photo enhancements, Card Design, Sharing and Custom Photo Groups. Add Comments, like and Unlike the Photos, or add any public photo to your favourite gallery. Many more web features will be added to the phone app too.