Our Company

Our Company Mobicards Collage maker MobiPixie™ is a privately held company with primary interest in all thing related to Mobile Media. Our goal is to be the best company in the media space. We have a great team of mobile applications designers, developers and architects along with operational staff both on the east and west coast of the USA. If something can be done, we are capable of doing it.  

MobiPixie™ is a next generation platform for today's social generation. Our aim is to enable mobile consumers be able to share their mobile photos with ease with their friends, families and associates without compromising their privacy. If you like to share with the world, we allow that too. You can upload, edit, transform, share, distribute, archive, group, edit, enhance, print,collage maker,photo editor,photos sharing,greeting cards,ecards play and do many more things with your photos. And, soon you will be able to do things that will redefine technological boundaries. Those features are under wrap for now and will remain so until we are ready to announce them.

Our Company Photo editor mobicardsMobiPixie™ is primarily about mobile users and their pictures. MobiPixie™ is the first and only service platform that lets you send out high-quality, customized, color postcards (greetings) from your very own mobile phone to anyone anywhere in the world! All you need is the Mobipixie™ mobile application loaded on your camera-ready mobile phone and you are ready to go.

We have made wide range of features available in the beginning and you will be seeing even more soon.

So, help us spread the word to all your friends and family members. Thank You.